Contact + Support

You can contact us via our dedicated sub-reddit.

Where is my ZionClub code?

Please contact the reseller directly if you haven't received your code. This will ensure fast processing of your issue than contacting us first then us contacting them.
Please note that Amazon card orders are usually processed manually and can take upto 6 hours to 1 business days to be delivered. Here are the contact information of the supported resellers -

I am having an issue, how to get help?

Join our dedicated sub-reddit community and make a post about your issue. Our community is friendly and would love you help you.

Please note providing support for individual users/issues/features/requests directly from the (rather small) developement team is beyond the scope of this app/service, that said, most of the issues are resolved by our community members and if not we will try our best to respond to you whenever possible.