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    100% Ad free
    Now enjoy TVZion 100% Ad free.
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    Awesome premium features
    1. Debrid Suite*: Get access to full set of debrid utility tools [Debrid manager, Debrid cloud source, Magnet picker] to help you manage/access a wide range of content conveniently. Watch in action
    2. Debrid Manager*: Fully manage your debrid services within app. Search cloud, add magnets, clear history, unlock external links, and most of all, watch content from your debrid cloud directly. Watch in action
    3. Debrid Cloud Source*: Enjoy links from your debrid cloud directly on link list. Watch in action
    4. Cached Torrent Streaming*: Now stream HIGH QUALITY (10-15GB+ Movies**, and HQ episodes too) content off torrents seamlessly with your debrid^ service. Watch in action
    5. Cached torrent season pack support: Now stream old episodes from full season pack cached torrents with debrid^ service. Meaning more HQ links for old episodes (that might not be available anywhere else).
    6. Torrent scrappers [+12] - Get access to torrent scrappers to stream cached torrents with debrid^ service.
    7. More sources: Get access to high quality scrappers, meaning more links**.
    8. Advanced meta data detection: TVZion will report EXACT resolution, bitrate data for your links on screen to help you choose the best link for playback.
    9. Link filtering/sorting: Filter/sort links by bitrate, ping time, quality, resolution, type (RD/PM). Watch in action
    10. Improved autoplay: Now auto play is even better with link filtering, playing just exactly what you want it to, AUTOMATICALLY,EVERY TIME.
    11. * These features require a supported debrid^ service.
    12. ^ Supported debrid services are Real-Debrid (RD), Premiumize (PM), AllDebrid (AD).
    13. ** Depends on availability, not every movie/episode has high quality files/links.
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