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Enjoy TVZion 100% Ad free, premium features, better links and more.

Why join ZionClub
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    100% Ad free
    Now enjoy TVZion 100% Ad free.
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    Awesome premium features
    1. Cached Torrent Streaming: Now stream HIGH QUALITY (10-15GB+ Movies, and HQ episodes too) content off torrents seamlessly with your Real Debrid/Premiumize account.
    2. Cached torrent season pack support: Now stream old episodes from full season pack cached torrents with RD/PM. Meaning more HQ links for old episodes (that might not be available anywhere else).
    3. More sources: ZionClub members currently have access to more link sources [+9] including HQ fast server souces.
    4. Advanced meta data detection: TVZion will report EXACT resolution, bitrate data for your links on screen to help you choose the best link for playback.
    5. Link filtering/sorting: Filter/sort links by bitrate, ping time, quality, resolution, type (RD/PM).
    6. Improved autoplay: Now auto play is even better with link filtering, playing just exactly what you want it to, AUTOMATICALLY,EVERY TIME.

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