ZionClub - Host a giveaway for free

Get free ZionClub codes to host a giveaway on your Youtube channel, Reddit, Facebook group/page and more.

ZionClub - Host a giveaway for free

You host the giveaway, we provide you free ZionClub codes. As simple as that.

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    What is it?

    In its simplest form, if you want to host a giveaway for your followers we will send you free ZionClub codes for you to host a giveaway.

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    How can I participate? (Youtubers, Facebook page/group, Reddit admins)
    1. Contact us through this form. (Check eligibility criterias below first)
    2. We set the date, time and the size of the giveaway.
    3. You host the giveaway and pick winners.
    4. We deliver codes to you (This will be directly sent to the account that hosted the giveaway).
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    How can I participate? (Followers)

    If you want to participate in a giveaway, reach out to your favorite youtubers, Reddit or Facebook page admins to get in touch through this form and we’ll send them codes to host a giveaway.

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    Eligibility criterias:
    1. You need to be managing at least one of these: Youtube channel, Sub-Reddit, Facebook page/group.
    2. You need 2k+ followers.
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    How many codes to giveaway?

    At the moment there’s nothing set on stone, but for now depending on the follower count and co-operation from the admins, 1-5 codes every 1-4 weeks will be given away.